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Get Domains Today!

This is a great gift for any computer geek looking to create their own website.

Looking for the perfect Domain? How about hosting and security for your website? You’ve come to the right page. We’re going to direct you to some of the cheapest, but most reliable places on the web to get your domain, hosting and even marketing strategy all ready to go. Namecheap has some of the best prices on the interweb for domains, SLLs and hosting. Their customer service is fantastic too! We use them for all of our internet needs. Head over to Namecheap today and get your perfect domain, hosting and security. We Know you’ll love them too.  Why pay extortionate prices for the same products on another site when you can get them at a much lower price for the same exact thing?


Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more


Big Sale on SSL - Up to 49% Off with Namecheap


While you’re there get ya some hosting. I mean a lot of hosting…. Shared hosting with your own server is the best way to get as much room as you want for your websites. You can even sell some of the space to your mates and they can use your hosting too.

Reseller Hosting with Namecheap


Hootsuite is a fantastic way to manage your social media accounts.  You can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more with the click of a button. You can monitor your posts, view them and even get cool graphs to see how they are doing.  We use Hootsuite professional since we have numerous clients that need us to post to many different social media sites.  LOVE this product!  The FREE version lets you post to your social media sites, but if you want to add more than 3 domains and get the cool graphs and extras, you will need to pay.  It’s not cheap, but it sure does save a ton of time.

Hootsuite - Social Media Management Platform


Need secure hosting for your video projects? then check out Vimeo. They have great features with their accounts. If you are looking for an alternative to Youtube, that secures your video projects, head on over to Vimeo.






We are an affiliate. It so happens that we DO use these products and love them. We want to share our experience with you and let you know that even if we didn’t get a tiny percentage from a sale, we would and do use these products and the statements above are true and not a bunch of BS.




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